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about us

We sincerely welcome you to International Friendship Association.
Countries around the world are forming a global network that accelerates their economic growth and strengthens new partnerships amid the trend of internationalization and information.
This is an era in which cultural competitiveness leads the national economic growth, and countries around the world are strengthening international cooperation and friendly relations through the expansion of public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy and achieving remarkable growth.

Under the sense of community, "the world is one."
The importance of education science, culture and arts, economic finance, energy environment, and knowledge and information industries are growing beyond government-level diplomatic activities, and the role of the private exchange is greater than ever.

The International Friendship Association will take the lead in establishing a global network of Korea that works with the world.

The Association will actively participate in various human and cultural exchanges with the world and will do its best to have a positive impact on education, economy, environment, and industrial activities as a whole

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